Canopy River Combo ATV and Zipline

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alarm 5 hours
What is this about?

The perfect combination for your adventure. Driving a four-wheeler, we will enjoy ourselves through unknown paths, the incredible views of the Sierra Madre that surrounds Canopy River.
We will make a stopover in a wonderful waterfall of crystal clear water where you can take a dip in the natural spring to conclude our ATV adventure after 60 minutes of excitement.
You will go from the speed of ground to flying over the River; you will feel the wind as you go flying at extreme speeds at 696 feet (200 meters) above the River, through the tops of the trees, appreciating the majestic landscapes that surround CANOPY RIVER, a place where the adventure has only one name and the special guest is you.
 Ahh! I almost forgot… don’t say that I told you, but we will close this adventure riding a cute and naughty mule, the girls are friendly!

What is included?
  • Transportacion service
  • Zip lines
  • Water during the excursion 
  • Tequila tour 
  • Atv and Safety equipmet 
  • Mule ride


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    Double Combo Atv + Canopy + Mulas (8 - 99 years)
    $270 USD
    Single Combo Canopy + Atv + Mulas (16 - 99 years)
    $160 USD
    Meeting Points
    • location_searchingCanopy River el TigreAv Mexico #570, Nvo Vallarta (Next to the Oxxo)
    • location_searchingCanopy River Olas AltasInsurgentes 379
    • location_searchingCollage Discotheque Marina Vallarta Corner of Proa Street and Blvd. Francisco Medina Ascencio Puerto Vallarta
    • location_searchingHotel Hacienda Palma Real Nuevo Vallarta
    • location_searchingHotel Zone Office Canopy River Boulevard Francisco Medina Ascencio #1968, Local H2-A
    • location_searchingOld Town Jorullo II OfficeInsurgents # 379 Col Emiliano Zapata
    • location_searchingRestaurante Chaser Av. México #570
    • location_searchingAt your hotel
    • Companions not doing the activity can make use of the facilities of the place by just paying the transportation.
    • 10 usd for collision insurance, will be paid directly upon check -inn . (Payment is not refundable)
    • Minimum age to drive 16 years
    • Maximum weight: 252 Lbs.
    • Drivers License.
    • Pregnant women 
    • People with neck, back and / or heart. 
    • Persons under the influence of alcohol or some other substance.
    • Ligth clothing and comfortable shoes 
    • Insect repellent
    • Camera are not allowed for safety reason